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Church History
TLMBC of Houston
First Members
Rev. Franklin Lavergne            Sis. Annie Lavergne
Sis. Sophie Benjamin                Deacon Clarence Lane
Rev. Charles Johnson               Sis. Bettie Johnson
Bro. L. B. Bryant                      Sis. May Bryant
Sis. Shirley Hancock                 Sis. Jessie Nemons
Sis Orlinda Preston                   Sis. Ruth Hughes
Sis. Bonnie Simmons                Bro. Lorenzo Harrell, Jr.
Bro. Charles Doakes                 Sis. Elizabeth Doakes
Sis. Lillie Mae McMillian        Sis. Robin Lavergne
Sis. Betty Lavergne                  Bro. Darrell Lavergne
Sis. Jeanette Johnson               Sis. Jerry Castle
Sis. Ethel Wilson                     Sis. Goree Ned
Bro. Otis Ricks                        Sis. Minnie Rick
Reflecting back on where this church has originated; we must go back to the Tuesday night, December 29, 1981. Approximately eighteen former members of Galilee MBC met for a teachers meeting.
The teachers meeting was being held as scheduled at Rev. E. Sanders Church, and during that time an agreement to officially organize as a church body was set forth, Friday, January 1, 1982. The meeting at Rev. E. Sanders’ church in attendance where about thirty-two members with family present, including Rev. Franklin Lavergne.
Prayer services and began the process of organizing the new church. We organized under the direction from the Baptist Mission District Association which Rev. C.L. Williams was the moderator, and Rev. Hutchinson was the vice-moderator. Rev. Hutchinson, who has since passed on to be with the Lord, officiated in Rev. C. L. Williams place that night and Pastor M. L. Holiday  of the East Park Baptist Church did the installation services for Pastor Franklin Lavergne and the church family. Many names for the church were suggested; however, Sis. Jesse Nemons idea of naming the church “True Love, immediately everyone took to this name and we agreed upon the name “True Love”, thus was born the church motto, “Ain’t no Love Like God’s Love… Ain’t No Love Like True Love”. The church search began for a physical place for Worship services; we then found 5919 Denmark St.    Before services could be held, a $250.00 rental fee was needed. The collection in the church treasury at the time was only $205.00. We all new that God would provide a way, for we all believed God and were walking by faith!   The first church services were held on January 3, 1982,

Many joined during that Sunday and God added to the church greatly. Leaders were appointed by Pastor LaVergne as the Lord inspired him. A $1,000.00 was borrowed from the District Association to help with purchase of property. When Pastor LaVergne was called to preach for a District Service, we were able to repay the loan in full at that time. After much prayer, the foundation was poured for the new church poured on July 4, 1982. Our first tent revival was held on that very slab in which Rev. C. Lacy officiated.
In December 1982, the building was completed enough that we moved in; and we continued to build. Each evening after working their regular jobs, and on weekends as well, those that would came and helped to complete the job until every brick was in place. We faithfully worked and prayed in harmony as each nail was hammered, blessings were abundant. One of the blessings came in the form of a man by the name of Mr. Roy Forrest who dreamed the phone number of the church and after several calls, finally had an opportunity to speak with Pastor LaVergne who informed him that the number he was calling was a church under construction. Mr. Roy Forrest began contributing to the church in a large way financially. He later became a member and was supportive until his demise. 
Between 1985 and 1986 a fellowship hall was added to the church; it was bricked by a generous act of love by Bro. Zachary Perkins, in the memory of his late wife Sis. Johnny Perkins and the Late Sis Ruby Smith donated the first chairs from  Jack Yates High School
As a family, this church has seen many mountaintops and some valleys; it has traveled to many cities and fellowshipped with many churches. This pulpit has been open to many preachers in the ministry as a platform to aide others compelled to preach.
As years past, Rev. Franklin LaVergne appointed Rev. Jay Comeaux in charge of the pulpit before he underwent surgery.  This would prove vital as the Lord called Pastor LaVergne home to be with Him, a servant whose job was well done:- March 3, 1997.
Rev. Jay Comeaux presided as Interim Pastor moving forward along with leadership of True Love to decide what to do next.   The church had to continue to walk by Faith and not by Sight, as a new Pastor was to be selected.  Many potential ministers preached and some interviewed by presiding over Sunday services throughout the following months in 1997. 
At the conclusion of the interview process with some 18 ministers in the selection process, the leaders and church decided that Rev. Dennis L. O’Neal of the McGee Chapel Baptist Church (where Pastor Walter K. Berry, Sr. is Pastor), would best fit as the new Pastor of the True Love MBC. Pastor Elect O’Neal began his first official position on December 28, 1997.   Installation service for Pastor O’Neal was to be held on February 22, 1998, the fourth Sunday in February.
The service was officiated by Rev. Michael Mathis of New Faith Northeast BC and the installation was done by Rev. Walter K. Berry, Sr., Pastor of McGee Chapel MBC. In attendance at the services were The Moderator of the Gulf Coast District Association, Rev. C. L. Jackson – Pastor of the Bethlehem Baptist Church and Pastor W. J. Parker, Second Mount Olive BC;   Pastor J. McClain, Greater Star MBC and a host of other ministers and Pastor O’Neal’s brothers in the ministry.
The first year - 1998 of Pastor O’Neal’s service at True Love MBC was a year of new beginnings; the main focus was spiritual growth and unity of the body; we continued with the emphasis that things should be done “decent and in order” 
1998 In that same year True Love Drill Team went to the National Baptist Convention and brought home a First Place Trophy.
The Vision begins;  a new chapter in True Love MBC history, the vision statement for the church was selected,  Ephesians 4:1-8. This vision statement would prove to be the new catalyst for the upward movement of True Love MBC.  That same year the Constitution &  By-Laws were written, voted on, and adopted and sent to Austin, Texas while being into the church records. True Love MBC became True Love MBC of Houston,approved by the State of Texas with a 501©3.  The slight name change came as a result of another church already having the True Love name.
1999 – Year of prayer
2000 – Prepare for action
2001 Other initiative were set in motion, a series of meetings called “the roundtable” in which each recognized Group would meet to work out programs and ministry goals; also that year minor renovations were done to the church.
2002 The Spiritual Dancers of Praise Outreach Ministry went to the National Convention in Phoenix Arizona and brought back 1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies. Praise the Lord.
2003  in the service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as laborers in God’s vineyard, we must continue to serve and work together as a body of believers called to do a ministry work for God. We are now more focused with the vision of Ephesians 4:5-6 (One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God, and Father of all who is above all and through all and in you all).   And to accomplish the vision our mission task has been directed locally, nationally, and internationally as stated in the great commission.
2004 We launch the new Sunday School initiative, enriching the lives of each member. As one our outreach projects we adopted the Adult Shelter / In-Action Ministries, which has as their focus both on men and women, helping them both physically as well as their spiritual needs. In this same year we started a support outreach for a young girl in Kenya Africa by the name of “Baby Jessica” who lost her parents to AIDS. We took in a foreign missionary, Thedious Adoga for Abuja Nigeria, he has since gone back to Africa and we continue to say in touch with him, our lives have been totally enriched.
Our focus, which is on the family, is designed to minister to the family as a whole. Through our Prayer, Discipleship, Christian Education, Outreach/Evangelism, Fellowship and Worship ministries, we utilize these ministry methods to enrich the lives and help reach the spiritual goals of each member of the body of Christ; thereby, “Preparing Laborers for the Harvest”. Also these things were done to further the call of the great commission and the great commandment; the seeds have been planted, and the field is now ready for harvest.
2005  the building fund project was launched because we believe God’s house which is a house of prayer, should be maintained. Plans have been drawn to remodel God’s house. As good stewards of what belongs to God, we each purpose to complete the work, “for the people had a mind to work”. Neh. 4:6   We thank God for this opportunity and blessing from Him through Jesus Christ our Lord. Under the guidance of Holy Spirit we hope to have the project completed by 2007.
2006  The prayer ministry issued over 100 prayer pillows to various individuals as a part of our Outreach Ministry. We added an additional Global outreach to Namibia, Africa by adopting a ministry family whose purpose is to take the gospel to Kenya. To grow the future leaders of the church - on the third Sunday of each month our youth are in training, under the Senior Pastor leadership. The goal is to create Young Laborer in God’s Vineyard.
2007 – Our new motto: Church on the Grow / Church on the Go – launched our ministry objectives. We believe through these objects God will add to the church such as to be saved, and produce fruit in His vineyard for His Glory.
2008 - Our plans for renovation began.
2009 – WOW – Just see what the LORD is doing. Working in Co-Op with Houston Food Bank, with Elementary Schools / Dogen & Kashmere Garden's Elementary, helping with the back-pack lunch program; Houston Census Bureau, and start of the "Giving Hands Ministry" - Food Pantry and we are looking forward to other things that God will do.
2010 – Though His mighty hand God connected us with Lakewood Church Outreach and we came together with the community servicing 800 families for Back to School; Nursing Bridges provided free health screening for the Food Fair participants. We initiated a Choir Workshop to strengthen those committed to Praise God’s even more! Praise God for bringing us forward from infancy towards maturity in HIS MIGHTY NAME..
2011 – God continues to give us favor; what a year of progression, God’s opening doors for TLMBCH of Houston, we took our VBS children to the 5th R-Ranch where the facilities and land were donated by the owner; another area of blessing is the generous donors to provide free clothing for the community during our Food Fair in which we service about 100-150 households.
2012 - The Church 30 Year Anniversary and Pre-Anniversary Banquet was a success! Various churches through-out the city participated and Proclamations from the City of Houston Controller office, State Senate and Congress were received in recognition of the 30 Years of Service to the community January 22, 2012. This has been a grand time of giving Glory to God.   We say as a body “thank you God for your provisions: 1st and foremost for your Son, Jesus Christ who shed His blood, gave His Life and was Resurrected on that 3rd Day Morning for Saving of Souls!"
2013 - Christian Education is vital for the growth of each believer.  Grow in the grace of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Outreach community Food Fair - Giving Hands ministry. 
2014 -
2017 - Celebrating 35 Years of True Love MBC of Houston History,  Pastor Dennis L. O'Neal focuses on God's Word, God's plan for God's people!
 Up coming "Lord's Grace"   2014   "Perfecting Our Worship"
The Church Vision Statement from the Word of God—Eph 4:1-8
All the Glory Belongs to You, Oh God ! 
Come and Join Us, as we continue to serve as
Jesus Christ did in His Fathers Ministry Work,
“Preparing Laborers for the Harvest"!
      Rev. Dennis L. O’Neal, Senior Pastor (right)
                    Sis. Jacquelyn J. O’Neal, First Lady (left)
(For a more extensive History and view of TLMBCH
The 30th Anniversary Books are available for purchase
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