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Pastor Dennis L. O’Neal is a native Houstonian and has received his early education and spiritual training respectively; from Ross Sterling High School, and Christian service at Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church under the late Rev. Hoxie Perry, Sr.  Reverend Dennis L. O’Neal is Senior Pastor of True Love Missionary Baptist Church of Houston for 19 years.

Just a little background, he started his university studies at North Texas State University, where he became active politically with a passion for civil rights, became the student body President of North Texas State University; completed studies receiving his BS Business Degree with a minor in Finance from Letourneau University.
In 1994 under the leadership of Pastor, Rev. Walter K. Berry, Sr;  Pastor O’Neal was licensed to preach the Good News of the Gospel and ordained in 1996 to the Ministry of Discipleship. Later Pastor O’Neal was placed in various ministry offices to support the ministries of McGee Chapel Missionary Baptist Church 2025.5 Hwy 6 South - under the leadership of Pastor Walter K. Berry, Sr.; working as the Associate Pastor of Christian Education.
For more than 30 years Pastor O’Neal has been affiliated with various bible studies, whether home based, apartment based or even corporate based group studies.  Pastor O’Neal currently serves as a board member for Nursing Bridges, Inc.– a medical centered training, community outreach, and home-health care organization in the United States, Canada, and Africa.
Pastor Dennis L. O’Neal is married to Lady Jacquelyn J. O’Neal (38 Years), and they are blessed with three sons: James, John and Joshua O’Neal and 6 grandchildren.
In an expansion of the True Love Outreach Ministry, working along with Lady J, using the Outreach arm noted as “Giving Hands ”, once each month for the past 6 years, Pastor O’Neal has been instrumental in serving 120 households in the 5th Ward/Kashmere Gardens Community, and free health screening from Nursing Bridges, Inc. 
Finally, with a belief that the church is the family of the last days, Pastor O’Neal has continued to focus on the Great Commission Matt. 28:16-20 and the Great Commandment Matt. 22:36-40; with an aim to continue to point as many as would listen to the Truth, Jesus Christ.